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We appreciate you taking the time to stop by our website and gain a broader understanding of New Beginnings. You’ll find all kinds of information about our new congregation here. Check in periodically because we are always adding new information and updating our ministries.
Before you go much further, we want to share with you a brief overview of New Beginnings.   Probably the best way to tell you what New Beginnings is, is to tell you what it is not.
We are not a congregation that focuses on religion. We believe religion leaves us cold and empty. Religion focuses on doing certain things and acting a certain way. We believe religion is not what God wants from us either. We believe He desires a relationship with us. So that’s where we place our focus. We say “Discover a relationship with God not religion.”

Our intention is to help people discover and grow in that relationship with God. That means we can have a personal, living, vital relationship with the God of grace and mercy who revealed Himself in creation, in the Bible and in the Flesh in Jesus Christ. That kind of relationship leads to happiness, fulfillment and purpose in life.

Contact Us

New Beginnings Baptist Church
PO Box 208
FORBES ROAD, Pennsylvania 15633
Map  •   Directions
Phone 724-396-9099

Regular Schedule

  • Sunday Mornings
    – 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM


  • Week of August 19, 2018

    The next workday for the Fellowship Center is this  Saturday, August 25th.

    “The Parables of Jesus” Adult Bible Study meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the Journey Jerusalem area.

    Men’s Breakfast Group meets Tuesday mornings at 8:30 AM at Kings Restaurant in Delmont. All men are welcome

  • Church Picnic

    Mark your calendar for our Church Picnic. It will be at Keystone State Park, Pavilion #2 on Sunday September 23rd following service. Please bring a covered dish to share.

  • Summer Office Hours

    Summer Office Hours (through August 31st) will be Monday and Tuesday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.